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Dublin, Ranger and Lipan, Texas UFO Reports For 2/21/2012

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Recent UFO sightings reports from North Central Texas.

Please note that these reports are posted here, "as is", with no corrections.

Location: Dublin, Texas
Date: 02/21/2012
Time: 18:35

Four bright lights in the shape of a parollelogram were sitting stationary for a few seconds then one disappeared and after the first one disappeared the others vanished immediately after it. What made us look into the sky was a jetlike noise or hum.    

My family and I traveled to Dublin TX from Strawn for a girls play-off basketball game and arrived 25 minutes early. It was like 6:35 pm and we had all just gotten out of the car. When we started to head to the gymnasium doors we both heard a jetlike humming noise and I looked up and pointed out to my husband what were four very bright lights and said, "stars during the day". He looked up at them and said yeah we looked at one another like NO. Then the top left one disappeared first and the others right behind it along with the noise. We were floored. Weve heard what people say they have seen and now were part of it. When we entered the gym the lady taking our money I was assuming was a local so I told her and she didnt look at us like we were crazy at all. Her exact words were, "I know people who have seen them too but I have to witness it". Then my husband told a friend of his walking in and with the response he got we vowed not to say another word about it for that time being. Since we have called KSTV radio station and asked if anyone else out there saw this to to please call in and got no response. So that leaves me here searching on the web and reading a sighting in the same area the same night only and hour later than ours. It is exciting! Thank you for letting us share our story and see what others are seeing out there!


Location: Ranger, Texas
Date: 02/21/2012
Time: 20:45

Flashing Sequentially

about eight forty heading to my car notice a bright light out of the corner of my eye stopped looked to get a good look and two lights appeared at the same time moving to the south west i called for my family to check it out as they dimmed out a few seconds later five light in sequence came on seemed to be attached to one object moving in the same direction as before they stopped and hoovered for a few seconds and never came back then we notice a few white flashing lights coming out of the west had to be jets moved way faster than any commercial airline and lower in the horizon circled in the location of the lights and headed back in the direction they came checked my phone it was eight forty five


Location: Lipan, Texas
Date: 02/21/2012
Time: 21:00

Saw a rapid moving thing low in the sky with blinking lights. My phone stopped working and my radio got staticy.

I was driving home around 9 PM Central time and I saw a rapidly moving figure in the sky that had blinking lights. It made my phone unable to call or recieve anything and my radio became very staticy. The object disappeared. I assume it teleported or something.


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From the comments section:

Dublin Sighting 2/21/2012

Confirming unusual lights in the sky Feb 21st, NE of Dublin. As my husband and I were driving into Bluff Dale, TX last night at approximately 7:30pm, we both saw a row of four unusual lights moving SW. The lights were on and then went off and returned briefly and then disappeared.

[Note:  Is it possible that what these witnesses saw was actually flares dropped by the military?  These sightings areas are in, or near the Brownwood MOA. -SW]


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