Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dublin Sighting 2/21/2012

I just received this in the comments, a report of lights over Dublin, Texas.

This report is unedited.

Dublin, Texas

I saw non-typical lights in the sky last night, which I could not explain. (Feb 21, 2012) I was outside my apt. in Dublin, Tx. when I happened to notice twinkling lights, at first glance I thought it at best a helicopters, too low to be planes. Then I saw a light, just appear, bright like a street lamp, not a spot light, then it "went" out, I thought 'wow that was wierd' then it "turned" on again and 4-5 more "turned" on all in a row. Evenly spaced apart. And as I recall, each light had a dark spot in them...? Then they "went" out. I was talking to my friend at the time and I kept saying, "Ithink I see a UFO" and said get a camera! so after I saw the "string" of lights, I went in a get my camera; when I came back outside I only saw faint twinklings, but it was still strange to me. I was able to catch either smaller lights or farther away lights, that lit up one at a time in a triangle formation; I called a different friend who had been in the area quite a bit longer than me, and he said it was more than likely militry flairs, military manuvers. I used to be 11c (mortar man) USArmy so Ive fired many allumination rounds in many different designs, but the thing is allum rounds, burn, like a small blaze, and the don't have the ability to turn off and on and appear like a solid light...? If your interested in the clip of the trinangle, post something so get ahold of me, thanx

In a separate comment, the witness asks: "How do you add video clip?

Well, the answer is: You can't post a video in comments, so send it to me via email.  I'll post it here.   -Sunny



  1. Confirming unusual lights in the sky Feb 21st, NE of Dublin. As my husband and I were driving into Bluff Dale, TX last night at approximately 7:30pm, we botrh saw a row of four unusual lights moving SW. The lights were on and then went off and returned briefly and then disappeared.

  2. I am not able to configure my email account to link under "via email" to get the video to you Sunny; do you have any other suggetions? Thanx


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