Monday, February 13, 2012

Casa Grande, AZ Residents Followed By Bright Light


I just received this emailed UFO report. 

Location: Casa Grande, Arizona
Date: February 12, 2012
Time:  21:00 (9:00PM)

Last night around 9:00 pm my husband and I were driving home from my parents. I noticed a bright white light in the sky above my parents house with a flashing red light. It almost looked like a star because it was pretty far up.

As we made our way home I noticed it started to follow us. It started to descend. It was strange because it like literally stayed within sight of the passenger side window. It never went out of sight. At about that time I noticed it wasn't a star because it was getting lower. At one point I saw it flash and disappear but it came back. ( My parents live about 10 minutes from our apartment so all this happened in a short amount of time)

As we got closer to our apartment the light seemed to get closer to us. When we turned on to our road it literally hovered in front of us and we noticed it started to descend at a very fast pace. Yes my husband noticed it too.

When we entered the gate it came right at us and at this time it was pretty close to the ground. All we saw was a bright light though. As soon as we parked I hauled ass into the apartment. We got home around 9:17pm. I was so scared and I almost had a panic attack. My husband thought I was actually about to have one to be honest. At that point I was afraid to go outside. I didn't go outside the rest of the night. My husband walked our dog though.

Later that night probably around 11:40pm he woke up out of a deep sleep and asked me whose bed we were in. His exact words were "Whose bed is this?" Like he didn't have a clue. That really freaked me out. I told him it was our bed and he said he knew but he was forgetting. He went right back to sleep after.

When I saw him get up around 4:40am to go to work I asked him if he knew where he was at and his exact words were "Sorta." He did go to work though.

I also heard strange sounds during the night. When I walked the dog around 9am I saw an owl. It perched right on top of a house across the ditch and like stared at me. It also made sounds. It finally flew off after a few minutes.

Note:  I spoke with the witness by phone.  She claims that she and her husband have seen lights like this before, that seem to "follow" them.

When I asked her how close the object came, she said within 30 feet and that it was about the size of a softball, thereabouts, and no higher than the roof of their vehicle.  Before it's approach, it appeared like a red flashing star.

The object emitted a bright white light, with a flashing red light attached and was seen East of Casa Grande, AZ.

The witness also stated that when her husband walked the dog, the object was still in the sky.

Both the witness and her husband feel very tired today and she is very afraid. 

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