Sunday, May 3, 2009

Near Waco- Possible Landing, Alien Sighting

Sightings have seemed to drop off here in Texas, my own sightings notwithstanding. However, one report stands out among the rest and here it is.

March 22, 2009: While traveling southbound on I-35 from Waco, a man and his wife saw a strange light in the sky, moving at incredible speed. It stopped on a dime over a field about a mile or so off the highway, so he pulled his car over to the shoulder, both wondering what the light was.
The light suddenly appeared to land in the field. When it did, the couple could make out a disk shape but due to darkness, it was hard to tell for sure, as it was a cloudy night. The man pulled his binoculars out of the back seat of the car and focused in on the object. He said he saw what indeed appeared to be a saucer like object on the ground.
The man said he first dismissed it as a feeder for livestock, due to the poor visibility but soon realized this object had what appeared to be a door of some sort that opened up. A reddish orange light could be seen from what appeared to be the interior. Three men appeared to walk out of the craft and the door closed behind them.
After about 3 minutes, the craft rose upward, hovered for a brief time and then took off northbound at a very high rate of speed before the man lost sight of it. The witness then refocused on the field to see if he could see any one or anything in the field but visibility was very poor. The witness noted that the "men" appeared to walk in the direction of a rest stop that was just off of the field near the highway. The witness wanted to make a U-turn, go northbound and stop at the rest stop but his wife would not let him, as she was getting concerned that it could be "aliens". He never regained sight of the three figures.
Report source: MUFON through news articles.

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