Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mutiple Witnesses See UFO pass the ISS

It is the evening of May 29, 2009 and 3 people in Mt Pleasant, Texas are watching the International Space Station as it traverses above their heads. As they watch the ISS, another object overtakes the ISS and passes it. The unknown object pulses in brightness as it moves. Moments later, a group of astronomy club members at their observatory in Mound, Oklahoma witness the exact same event. Both groups report this sighting to MUFON.

Before you naysayers and skeptics say it was only the Space Shuttle, swamp gas or the planet Venus, let me advise that: the Space Shuttle Atlantis had already landed as of May 28, 2009, Swamp farts don't go out into space and since the ISS is traveling at 27,724 kilometers (17,227 mi) per hour, Venus would play hell catching up with, let alone passing the space station that is "in orbit" around our planet. Last time I checked, Venus is not a satellite around planet Earth.

When it's up and running again, you'll be able to view the whereabouts of the ISS here at Human Space Flight Web site, or right now at the European Space Agency Web site.

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