Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Anniversary of a Legend

(The 1897 UFO Crash in Aurora, Texas)

Six plus years before the Wright Brothers first flight and over 60 years before the Roswell Incident, the tiny Texas town of Aurora was thrown into the history books when a UFO supposedly hit a windmill and crashed to earth. On April 19, 1897 the Dallas Morning News ran the story.
According to S.E. Haydon, on April 17, 1897 a space ship hit his windmill, broke up and wreckage was scattered around his property. Upon searching the unusual debris, the body of a "little green man", was found, which was subsequently buried in the Aurora Cemetery, a small rock-sized monument marking the spot. The wreckage from the craft was reported to have been dumped into the well, where the windmill once stood. In his report, Haydon referred to the alien as a "Martian" and "someone not of this earth".

This story has been referred to as "the first sighting in Texas" but I feel it is probably "the first Texas sighting to be reported". The time during 1896-1897, there were numerous sightings and reports all across the U.S. of a cigar shaped airborne craft.

The grave marker for the "alien" is now gone, perhaps stolen and no trace of the wreckage has been found. Was it a hoax or fact? Documentaries and other investigations have been made in this tiny Texas town, yet no one knows for sure but it makes for a fine story.

For more info on the Aurora UFO Crash:

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