Monday, July 15, 2013

Retired Cop Reports Lights And Triangular Object Over Tinley Park, IL - July 4, 2013

Artistic rendering by Sunny Williams/ LITS


While watching a fireworks display, a retired police office, his wife and 2 friends observed more than just fireworks.

This report was originally submitted to NUFORC.


NUFORC Case # S99727
Location: Tinley Park, Illinois
Date of Sighting: 07-04-13
Time of Sighting: 20:00
Shape: Triangle
Duration: 03:30:00
Summary: Numerous bright red, yellow,and green glowing objects that moved at a steady speed with no sound. Observed an explosion of one.

Am a retired police officer and myself, my wife, and two friends were watching forth of July fireworks. We live in Tinley Park Il. and was watching in the direction of Frankfort IL which is South of us . we had an unobstructed view of the fireworks over a small lake when all of a sudden I observes three bright red glowing circular shaped objects on the South horizon. The objects rose up and proceeded in a steady speed in a North East direction . The objects continued to glow from red to yellow and sometimes green. Over the next three hours we saw numerous objects, sometime in formations of three or four and one time in a "V" formation of three and one following. All of the objects originated from the South and continued in a N/E direction. At one point, as one of the objects were about to travel directly over us, the object lost it's glow and I was able to see the object in a stealth type mode as it went over us. The object appeared to by fairly l! arge and looked triangular with rounded edges. I saw three large circular shapes in the center of the object. there was absolutely no sound and the object continued overhead Northbound. We saw at least 20 to 30 of the same objects during the course of the night and at another point I observed and videoed what appeared to be one of the objects blow up and split in two. This caused a large bright "explosion" and sparks.


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