Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Light Over Three Rivers, Texas

I received this report through LITS South Texas Lead Investigator, Connie C.

Object: steady white intense light, larger than nearby Arcturus,steadily moving from the west to the east.
After a few seconds, it reached due south in the sky and turned to the north.
At this time the witness expected to see navigation lights, but did not.
The light actually started slowly blinking off and on for a total of 3 times as it moved north. After the third blink it never came back on. It just disappeared.

Total time of the sighting: 3-4 minutes.
Time: 10:15 pm Saturday night July 27th, 2013
Absolutely clear night after a heavy rainfall 3 hours earlier.
Three Rivers, Texas
Highway 72 east at the city limits.

Note:  This was not the ISS, or any other satellite.  
If anyone else saw this, please report it.  Thank you.


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