Saturday, July 27, 2013

Flying Cryptids In New Hampshire


Occasionally I receive reports of a flying cryptids, sightings that run the range from thunderbirds to flying dinosaurs (Pterosaurs/Pterodactyls), dragons and even flying manta rays.

Here are two recent reports sent in from Dover, New Hampshire and a previously posted report from Metropolis, Illinois.

Flying Cryptid - Dover, New Hampshire

Third week in June around 11AM. 2013
I live in Dover NH. I was sitting at my desk The window in front of me faces south. I looked up and a huge bird was flying from south to north.

I immediately thought it was the bald eagle that I have seen from time to time over the last couple of years. This bird was just soaring. As it drew closer, I began to think that this was not an eagle. There were no finger feathers at the end of it's wings. No tail and no white head.

What I saw was a dark grey body with wings that were pointed, much like an albatross and the head was just a little bit lighter in color tanish. There was a bulbous rear end, no tail. The wings seemed to be jointed in the middle.

By the time I got my wits about me grabbing the binocs and running out the front door, the creature was gone.

I have gone through the bird book and there is nothing I can compare it to in this area.

Location, about 2 miles from where the Cocheco, Salmon Falls, Bellamy and Piscataqua Rivers converge and about 12 to 14 miles from the ocean.

Though the creature was flying over my house it would have been flying parallel to the Salmon River, south headed north towards Maine.

Believe me I am looking up all the time now. I hope I do see this creature again.

The difference (between this creature and a pterodactyl) would be that there were no legs in the back and the head would have been sitting back towards the body as I looked at it from below. The wings were jointed in the middle. The creature just pumped its wings twice (No flapping). So from the body to the center where the wing was jointed, the wing was still. It was only the wing tip to the jointed center of the wing that moved as the creature gave itself momentum.

The only person I have mentioned this to is my mother. I haven't said a word to anybody else including my husband because they would think I am nuts.  I'm really interested in knowing your opinion from the pictures you sent as to what you think. Definitely not a bat.

*          *          *

Flying Cryptid - Metropolis, Illinois

On August 9th 2012 at 8:31 pm I saw this scary reptile flying up from the river bank in Metropolis Illinois, I have lived here my entire life and have never seen anything like it before or since, about the size of a passenger plane...head like lizard, arms, legs, long tail, with wings like a bat! I yelled for the neighbors to make sure I wasn't seeing things! 7 eyewitnesses, it was truly amazing, and scary at the same time! It was charcoal grey, no fur or feathers either........been looking to the sky on searching the net daily ever since I saw it! I did manage to get 4 30 second videos with my cell phone, but can't really see it, only neighbors voices trying too tell what they think.......anyway if you have any answers at this point....please respond.......lab experience escape.......polar ice cap thawing out the presumed extinct....idk, but if they are mating, we may all be in trouble 7 our 8 years from now!

We are located at the southern most tip of Illinois, about 7 minutes from Kentucky, [Name redacted]  of my neighbors may not know how to email......older individuals, but one does for sure, she's 24 with 3 children n another on the way, she described it as a sting ray? My husband.....well just baffled n doesn't want to talk about it for fear of people thinking we're, my 10 year old step daughter says it looked like a big black Angel......? If that was an Angel, I would hate to see the devil! Another one was spotted by a police officer about 3 Weeks ago.....same description......

*          *          *

Note:  If you see something similar to these reports, or see an unidentified flying object (UFO), please feel free to contact me.  Thank you.



  1. Sign me up. I have been a ufo investigator....sign me up!!!!

  2. If you are interested in joining LITS, please contact us through email and tell us about yourself, and your experience. Thanks!

  3. I live in New Hampshire. The creature seen would be the great blue heron which follow the rivers to the wetlands. When I first saw one as a kid I also wondered if it were prehistoric before seeing more of them closer up on river banks. They are big and different then most birds you commonly are used to.

  4. Thank you for the comment but I was not the one who saw the creature. The witness in New Jersey did. There have been a number of sightings, of the creature described in the report.
    I may live in Texas but we have Herons, White Egrets and even Sandhill Cranes. We even get visits from seagulls and pelicans and I am about 400 miles or more from the gulf of Mexico. I see them often, wading and paddling in the large pond only 100 feet from my house. :)


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