Friday, October 12, 2012

Witness takes photos of strange lights over Fort Hood while at soccer game in Killeen

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A witness emailed me a short report and photos of several anomalous lights in a sunset over Killeen, Texas.  She also reports that she and others witnessed a jet, which seemed to make no sound.

Here is the unedited email report.

Location: Killeen, Texas
Date of Sighting: 10/8/12
Time of Sighting: 7:12 P.M. Central

Large, flat, bright auras that moved about slowly.  Directly located over Fort Hood, TX.  There were up to 8 total lights/auras.  There were several very long vapor trails in the sky that were clearly from jets to provide great differentiation.  These auras were slightly brighter in the middle and moved slowly up and down.  The auras were bright and very discernible.  All but one disappeared over the trees into the sunset.  The other one went up slightly and then there was nothing.  I told my friend I was shocked that jets from San Antonio had not arrived yet when all of a sudden a jet flew within a mile of us from behind us and you could see the outline in the sunset, but there was NO SOUND from the jet......  Obviously no pictures the jet as we saw it and it was quickly behind the trees at a low elevation.
All pictures taken at my sons soccer game.
Duration about 5 minutes.

All pics around 7:13 P.M. cst

The lights were obviously unusual and am So mad I did not take video.  Since it was over Ft. Hood we thought it might be something unusual with the military.  When the one simply disappeared that gave everything new meaning.  The jet made NO SOUND and that was as surprising as the UFO.  It flew around us at less than a mile at very low altitude.  You can hear a mower from the area it flew over during soccer games, but no jet sound.


Investigator's Note: Is it possible that the lights were merely short jet contrails?  But then we have to take into consideration the other contrails.  We also have to consider the jet that could not be heard by the witnesses, even though it was no further than a mile away.


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