Thursday, October 18, 2012

Daytime Sighting- Rectangle UFO Seen Near Austin, Texas - 10/13/2012

A witness was traveling from Hutto to Taylor, Texas (near Austin), on the morning of October 13, 2012, when they observed a rectangular object in the sky.

Here is that report that was originally submitted to MUFON.  It is presented here, as is, with no editing, except to preserve anonymity.

Please note that the picture is a rendering by the author of this blog. -SW

MUFON Case # 43217
Location: Austin, Texas
Date of Sighting: 10/13/2012
Time of Sighting: 11:30 A.M.
Viewing Distance: Over One Mile
Sighting Duration: 00:05:00
Object Flight Path: Straight-line path
Object Shape: Square, Rectangular
Summary: Rectangular UFO Grayish/Black sighted between Hutto, Tx and Taylor, tx

UFO !!!! A rectangular UFO was sighted by me near Hutto, Texas at 11:30 am today by Terry Lee Cochran It was very large and perfectly rectangular, grayish / black in color hovering below the storm clouds like a huge banner. I was driving toward Taylor, Texas on Hi-Way 79 going east. It was the size of a football field in my opinion. Moving as fast as I was driving at 55 miles per hour going parallel to it.. I watched it for almost 5 minutes in disbelief. Then I took action and took the very next road to intersect with it and it just disappeared! This is the 2nd UFO that I have seen in my life time. The other was in 1973 and it was hovering over the Decker Lake Power Plant near Austin, Texas. What a sight seeing it going zig zag across the sky then stopping for abpout 5 minutes to recharge then off it went at a blink of an eye it was gone. My wife [Name withheld by SW/LITS] witness it with me too and went to get a camera and it was gone

Note: Location city has been corrected to read "Austin" and not Abilene, thanks to an astute reader. -SW



  1. I saw something rectangular in the sky about 8 miles away from this sighting in 2005. It was different in the fact that I saw something A LOT smaller, and white in color, but it was a rectangle, and I was able to observe it for almost half an hour at close range. I detailed the story here:

  2. I have also seen the white boxes high in the sky no contrails like jets what are they, something new have seen round UFO's close up

  3. Not sure what these square or rectangular objects are. Perhaps some type of vessel or platform.
    If you have observed these or other unidentified objects, please send in a detailed report. Thanks!

  4. i have seen one too in france, date 2006, june. It was colored by sun , i suppose, like gold or bronze.
    I suppose it was long like 2 commercial planes

  5. PRECISIONS: weather sunny, near basel euroairport( east france), i ve seen it for seconds from my car, riding on high way. sure it wasn't dust on the glass, i've moved to be sure about this possibly error. Its image's size was about 1 cm between fingers with stretched arm,more than the plane that was closer

  6. i saw on November 5 2013 around sunset time 6.40 something in the afternoon the same object joe bar describes above, i was shocked, it was this big rectangular platform of the size of two commercial planes almost at the same height planes pass was really glowing sunset colour or some kind of ambar or orange color. its direction was direct, no sound, no marks.

  7. I'm sorry idk if u received my reply or not but I replied to ur comment about if anyone seen anything like this & I have so if u didn't get it let me know & ill resend it thank u

  8. James, i believe I responded to your email but then my computer crashed and I've yet to be able to retrieve data.
    Please email me again. Thanks!

  9. I literally just saw this exact same thing about a Hour ago on my way to lunch. It was under a Storm just south of where I work. As a matter of fact I googled it and that lead me here. It was plain as day but little because it was off in the distance. I can't believe I was the only Driver who saw it! about 1:30 pm Eastern Time 6/2/2017 Clearwater FL. Anybody else?


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