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A Missouri resident recalls lifelong abductions and UFO sightings

This report was originally submitted to MUFON and is presented here as is, with no editing.

No photos or videos were provided.


MUFON Case # 43044
Location: Maryville, Missouri
Date: 10/15/1989
Event: Possible ongoing abductions
Summary: Started when I was young, keeps happening, what do i do

First off I am not sure what I should do or where I should go. Basically I was born in 1985. We lived in several places it was around 1989 I first saw something that I remember and my family remembers although we dont remember all of it.

What I remember is the first sighting was in the country outside of maryville missouri. I remember laying in my room and seeing flashing lights fill up the room. I went to the living room of our earth home and we had alot of picture windows and I remember standing there looking outside and seeing a bunch of different lights that were flashing all colors that I can think of. We had a big garage building like a morton shed. Above it was where the lights were coming from and the lights were so bright it was hard to make out the object.

I remember my father coming out and standing next to me and I was kind of scared because I didnt know what it was. I remember my dad saying its ok and put his hand on my shoulder. We had a light outside that hit part of the craft and it wwas a disc with a dome on top and the lights coming out the sides and bottom. I dont remember anything after my dad put his hand on my shoulder.

I remember the next day I woke up very early which was odd for me and my mom thought something was wrong. When she woke up she said the tv wasnt working that it was on channel 00. And when she called the tv provider they said they didnt know what caused that but that if there was a charge of high frequincys. When I walked to the kitchen my mom still says to this day and my dad that i pointed to the stove and said that was floating above our shed last night and me and dad saw it. I was pointing at a wok for chinese food that was on the stove burner and after saying that my dad said he remembered something about that night that he forgot.

After we talked about it I remembered having a dream that same night but it felt like it wasnt a dream and my dad had the same "dream". It was that I woke up on a cold table shaped object in a dark room with just a few lights. My dad was on a table next to me and I remember him saying outloud dont hurt my son. And I remember seeing small humanoid things walking around in the shadows and walking to my dads table and thats the last thing I remember. Since then throughout the years I have seen several ufos at different points in my life.

When I was about 10-11 I was at my dads in a different city then my mom. I remember we went to a roadside park in the country of Iowa. It was night time. I dont remember much about it but that I remember waking up feeling really sick in the car. I found later that night i took a shower and i had a triangle shaped white marking on my leg that looked like it was a scar but it just showed up that day and stayed there all the way till high school and can still faintly make it out today. I remember several times of throughout the years of seeing several more.

My father was a otr truck driver and I went with him in the summers. We were in Arizona/New Mexico area late at night on a county highway and saw blue/green lights in a field. It followed along the semi and took of into the sky at the speed of something I never saw before.

At one point I talked to my dad about the sightings Ive had and my mom. My dad has seen a lot more of these then my mother. But he said he knew they were studying us. He told me he was told by them the "greys" that they do not mean us harm. And my father told me they will be watching over me.

My mom found out that her utereus was looked to be like it was cut perfectly in half. This was just pointed out to her within the past 6 years as her dr asked her if she ever had any kids. She just had me.

Since about 2008 I have had more and more contact. The most recent was just about a week ago. I was on my way home from work at about 3 am and saw something in the sky darting around off highway 18 in north iowa on the N side of the road.
Last year I was out riding around on a motorcycle and I saw something that looked like it was following me in the middle of nowhere. It went directly over me and I dont feel that I was abducted but it kind of hovered over me in the sky and darted off in the distance. I ended up pulling on the side of the road. It was about 2 am and I sat on my bike looking at it and after a few minutes it started darting around the sky. At the same time I felt it was "communicating with me". I was seeing things at a very fast pace. It was not words or anything I know of for sure but it looked alot like old symbols of runes and shapes put together. It was like I was watching a tv of just these symbols and I dont remember blacking out but I thought it lasted about 15 minutes. I remember it leaving and I left.

And about 20 miles was the next gas station and I was gonna stop there, when i got there i thought it was going to be before 3 am since this happened at about 2 and i thought it was 15 minutes plus 15-20 min for the ride. When i got my gas it was after 500 am. When this happened and I saw the light at first on the bike I was anxious and felt this uneasy feeling that I had no control. I remember from every time I see these things I start out feeling the same thing of uneasy. When I started to pay attention to the crafts and felt it was communicating I instantly felt at ease and relaxed and that I knew somehow everything was ok.

I would like to try to find out why they are seeming if they are keeping in contact with me, if they are the same beings or different coincidences. And if its studing just me or my parents too. My parents both remember things and my dad remembers alot more and told me of several times he was out in nevada and arizona in the semi and seeing things. I had a video of one of the encounters on my old phone that was about 30 seconds long bu it was so hard to see the lights.


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