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Strange Orb In Oregon August 27, 2011

Drawing of Orb by witness.
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I received an emailed report from a witness in Oregon, who stated that he had observed a truck tire sized orb.
The time of observation was approximately midnight, on or about August 27, 2011.

Here is that unedited report.


This happened August 27th  2011! It had a beachball size clearball also! It had this cherry red liquid in middle in tear drop shape in middle of ball!! It was surrounded by a magnidic field around it! The whole orb was size of a semi truck tire! It was spinning backwards while going forward! It was white on the outer rim and then mixed in with a blue green! It had a bunch of golden dust floating around the ball! It was moving pace fast walk! Was going over part of road where they tore up and put new cable in!! You see it sucking the power from them! It was making a chopping noise! It went spinning away 25ft away sat spun for sec , then went over iron plate manhole cover seem to arc and made same pop noise it did when showed up next to us!! Then it shot up hit powerpole then seem to arced again then gone! I am in Oregon!! I have been on radio many times! I also been interviewed by unsealed alien files! Also I am in UFO digest! I was interviewed for 2nd season of alien mysteries! They have been looking for more wittnesss of these orb encounters!!  I have been hoping that there would be a encounter like we had! Theres not as close! But he could see the clearball also!! This has been VERY stressful and I am very alone on it! If you might be able pass message to the people who had encounter! I been on back burner on my encounter cause didn't think someone would have a similar sighting!

Thank u!!

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Video of similar orb


Link to original report:

Possible connection?
Physics team proposes a way to create an actual space-time crystal


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