Sunday, December 1, 2013

LITS Reports, Research, Investigations and Findings

You may be wondering where I've been and what I've been up to.  Well, the title of this post should give you a hint.

I've received a number of reports and with each one, I investigate and research, looking to find a clue as to what the witness might have seen. 

Here's a breakdown of just some of the reports and what I've concluded, thus far.:

Bright light in southwest sky (viewed for up to 1 hour).  Conclusion: Venus.

Bright Flash on horizon (Austin).  Conclusion:  Exploding transformer.

Several reports of Bright Object moving across sky in straight line trajectory.  Conclusion:  International Space Station.

Triangle of strobing lights (1 red, 1 green with trailing white flashing light).  Conclusion:  Airplane

Daytime video of cloaked, elongated object.  Conclusion:  Unknown at this time; still under investigation.

Transparent Orb with swirling nucleus.  Conclusion:  Unknown at this time; still under investigation.

I've also received several reports where the witnesses never got back with me, or stated they have photos, drawings, etc., but have never sent them in.

I read and consider each report.  If I have the answer, I will respond with the information.  If witnesses give me only a bit of information and then do not respond to my requests (answers to my questions), I must assume that the reports weren't serious.

Here are some helpful hints when you think you're seeing a UFO.:

If it is a bright light in the sky that seems to be stationary, yet is moving very slowly up from the horizon, or down towards the horizon, check a star map.  It probably is Venus, or a bright star, such as Arcturus.

If you see a bright light in the sky that seems to be moving all over the place, divert your eyes towards another point of light, while observing the object light using your peripheral vision.  If the object light does not appear to be moving when using this technique, it probably is just a star.

Never direct laser pointers at suspected or known aircraft.  If it is an airplane, you could blind the pilot and besides, doing so is against the law!

If you do see something that appears to be of alien origin, there is no sense in attracting it's attention.  Such acts can end you up in a bad situation (abduction, physical harm, etc.).

Never go sky watching alone, especially in a desolate area.

Take photos and/or video of the object(s) but be sure to incorporate surroundings in some of the shots.  This gives perspective and reference points.

Report your sightings.  When you do so, please specify when, where, what; how long the observation lasted; what direction you first saw the object; whether the object traveled or remained stationary; how the object moved and how it disappeared from your view.  Also give your name and a phone number where you can be reached and a time to call, just in case I feel more questions are necessary.  I do not post, nor share personal information.

When you see something you can't identify and you have checked your star map app (mobile apps are available), or checked the NASA Space Flight schedule, please report it.  I may be busy but not too busy to check out your reports!

Keep watching the sky!


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Here are a few links to help you get started.:
NASA Sky Watch:

International Space Station
Spot The Station (Notification)

Starry Night Sky Chart

OPENSATS - Live Satellite Orbit Tracking


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