Saturday, September 21, 2013

1992- strange lights chase vehicle near Gettysburg, PA


A witness wrote in, to tell me about he and his family's unusual encounter with strange lights.  The event took place some time in 1992, near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  
Here is that unedited report.

I recently remembered an event with a similar craft with what I describe as "headlights". It took place around 92', my parents and I were going to Gettysburg,  PA. We were off the highway, when a pair of lights suddenly appeared above and behind us, thinking it was a trailer truck, my father tried to wave it past, but it kept lingering, REAL close. My father decided to make distance, but as he did the lights kept up.  My mom was telling me to keep my head down, don't look out the back window. After a few more moments, the lights disappeared.  We kept driving to our destination,  but within 15-20 minutes, the lights suddenly appeared again. There was no sound to alert us of it's approach it was just, there.  The lights followed for a few minutes before disappearing. The rest of the trip was uneventful. 

Please note:  The picture above is an artistic depiction.


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