Monday, August 12, 2013

Unusual Activity Near Gilmer, Texas

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I received an email from a witness (near Gilmer, Texas), who has been noticing some unusual activities in the night sky, including strange trumpeting and booming sounds.
Here is that report.  There will be updates.


We live in East Texas, close to a small town called Gilmer. Starting late 2011 we started seeing a flashing light in the sky. It comes from all around you in the sky. It is diffuse, you can’t see it straight on. It seems to come from your peripheral vision. Sort of like a flash blub going off behind you. You do not see where it comes from. When they first started they were faint and at first we wondered if we were really seeing them. Then they stopped for a while. When they restarted they were a bit stronger and have become stronger over the course of the last several months.

The next things we noticed is the traffic noise with the trumpets. We started hearing it on and off in early 2012 and asked a few neighbors about it. The neighbors have not heard it and said it was probably from the highway 3 miles down the road. We live in the country and the highway they are talking about is a two lane non busy country road. This road is never as busy as it would have to be for us to hear this kind of noise and the trumpeting sounds would have to be several large trucks putting on their breaks and horns all at once. So we are pretty sure it is not from the highway. We have been living here since 2009 and had never heard it before 2012.

Next we are seeing what look like very very bright LED flashes from very high up in the sky. We started seeing those about the middle of 2012. Sometimes they start small and get larger and sometime they are large and get smaller. When we see them they will flash then wait 3-7 seconds then flash one to two more times. Sometimes the second and third flashes are in the same spot and sometimes they are a short distance from where they are first seen. They don’t move from place to place but look like when they leave they shoot straight up from directly above you.

The next thing is the booms. We started hearing them hear about the middle of 2012. Sometimes they sound deep like a canon going off and there will be anywhere from 1-5 of those and can be from all the same direction or from several different directions. Sometime the booms are not as deep and may be rapid and as many a 10-15 or so at a time.

Next are the green flashes they stared a about 6 months ago. Sometimes they come from the same area of the sky and are very bright and distinct and other time they seem more like the diffuse flashes only with a green tint. At first we thought that maybe it was a strange type of lightening and maybe that is what it is. But there is never any thunder.

I personally have seen other things but am only writing to you about those things others have seen or heard at the same time I was seeing or hearing them. I am just wondering if anyone else is seeing any of these things.

[Name withheld by SW/LITS]


Note:  If you are in the Gilmer area and have witnessed any unusual night sky activity or sounds, please report it.  Thank you.


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  1. I Live in Royse City Texas Right outside Rockwall, Greenville area....I have been seeing the flashes of light..quick like a split second....I was standing next to my husband and he didn't see it.....I have this happen twice. I am in the country as well


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