Thursday, July 9, 2009

Great Balls of Fire! and the ISS

The 4th of July holiday has seen a drastic rise in UFO sightings, mainly due to so many people out over the weekend, watching fireworks. With so many people outside looking up, a few are bound to see something that they can't identify.

There has been an increase in orb sightings. They range from golden to orange and red, appearing to be glass spheres with flames inside, to solid balls of light, or disk shaped. Reports have mainly come in from the Northeastern part of the U.S., but anomalies of this type have been reported from all over the U.S. (including Texas), Canada, Great Britain and many other countries.

A number of people have also reported the International Space Station on it's orbital track across the lower 48. I, myself viewed and videoed the ISS on July 6th, 2009. My mate and I witnessed 2 objects tagging along.

I assumed that the trailing object was the Progress 33P, a supply module that delivered it's payload, was loaded with refuse and un-docked. Instead of burning up in Earth's atmosphere now, Progress 33P is scheduled to re-rendezvous with the ISS on July 12th, in order to test an as of yet untested docking port. So for now, it's tagging along about 1000 miles behind.

I changed my mind on that assumption when the trailing object broke away from it's course behind the ISS, stopped, then headed in a southeasterly direction. The "stopping part" is why I dismissed it as a commercial jet. In the meantime, my mate was watching a pulsing light that "led point" ahead of the ISS.

A number of people have reported seeing close to the same thing we did, yet some have seen the International space station and thought it was a UFO. If you aren't sure what you're seeing and it's possible you could be seeing the ISS, check out this tracking sight and it will give dates, times and locations where the International Space Station can be viewed.

For Texas listings.

For other states, or countries.

Keep your eyes on the skies. You never know, you could be the one that breaks this mystery wide open.

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