Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cats And The Unseen

Some Cat Mutilations May Be Due To The Paranormal Activity

By S. Williams

September 3, 2009

(photo of my beloved cat, MyThai)

I'd like to address the "cat mutilations". Chris Holly wrote about this and I've seen it addressed on other websites. Chris Holly's editorial can be viewed at Chris Holly's Paranormal World, or on Phantoms and Monsters.

Cats are extremely sensitive to sound and movement. Their eyes and senses are different from ours, in that they can detect things we humans most often cannot. They are also known antagonists to reptilians and amphibians, such as lizards, snakes, frogs, etc. I allow wild cats around on my farm, to keep the rattlesnake population in check, otherwise I'd be overrun by the slithering, venomous serpents.

It is for this reason, that I believe some cats (not all) are found dead in such a manner as described, half bodies that have been cleanly cut, as if by a surgeon's scalpel.

My beloved cat of 17 years, recently passed away (from natural causes) and often times during his life, he would "see" something I could not. He would track it with his eyes. His hair would stand on end and he would jump in front of me, as if protecting me from some unseen force. Most likely, he was.

Cats are our eyes and ears, against the dark and silent. Therefore, cats are a threat to whoever, or whatever may be lurking in that darkness. Dogs are known as our protectors, yet the cat's skills are honed much finer. A house cat is just that, bred to be in close proximity to it's human companion. Your common "mouser" is more than a mouse catcher, he or she is a living, breathing night scope.

My advice is to love your cats enough to keep them close to you and never let them wander, or they might end up dead, just because they are who/what they are. Cats don't just die from dog attacks, sick-minded humans, or getting run over by cars. Alien paranormal activity, could well be the cause of some cats demise.

It is a good idea to spread the word and maybe someone's beloved cat, or yours, can be saved from a horrible death.

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