Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Object Photographed Over Nuclear Plant In Hayward, CA

I received an email and these photos from a witness in Hayward, California.   I enlarged the images for a better view of the object.

The photos were taken from Depot Rd. in Hayward, California.   The witness informs me that the object was directly over a nuclear plant, which is behind a junk yard (please see photo below).

The photos were taken on March 6, 2013.   All photos (there are more) were taken between 10:36 am and 10:37 am (Pacific).

This is all the information I have at this time.    I thought at first, that it looked like a bunch of blown up trash bags but the object has some sort of extensions protruding from it.   A colleague of mine suggested that it is some sort of drone.

If you saw this object, or have any information as to what this object is, please contact me.  Thanks!


Google View of Area.



  1. You should really do some research first. It might make you sound more creditable. That power plant in hayward is not nuclear. Its steam generated turbines feed by natural gas.

  2. Why thank you, Cynthia! "Credible" as compare to what/whom?
    By the way, you misspelled the word but I will give you "credit" for trying. Your spell check probably doesn't work, right? Oh, and it's "fed," not "feed."
    I might also point out that the use of apostrophes (it's)and capital letters, as in "Hayward," makes one seem a bit more intelligent.
    How does it feel to be addressed like an idiot? You're welcome.
    Thanks again for setting me straight but next time, try being a bit more polite. I don't mind being called on errors but I won't tolerate being insulted.


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