Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rodents on Mars?

Circle denotes area of object.
Click on any image to enlarge.

The Mars Rovers have captured photos of some strange things on Mars but is this really what it looks like?   A rodent on Mars?

Others are calling it a rat (must be the long tail),  and my significant other said it looks like a rabbit (with a long tail).  Well it looks sort of 'squirrel-y' to me. 

The object does appear to be a critter of some sort, with a blunt nose, beady eyes and again, a long tail.

What do you think?

Perhaps this is the NASA announcement that never was.

Read more here:
NASA’s Curiosity Rover Spots A Rat Among The Rocks On Mars? [PHOTO]

See Original Photo


Sunday, May 26, 2013

What would you do if you found an alien body?

I received an email from a dear friend, who asked a thought provoking question, so here it is, just as he wrote it.



How you iz? Hope the correct answer is happy and healthy.

I ran across an article this evening ( and realized something that is less intuitive than you would hope.  The question is "what would you do if you found an alien body?", but that doesn't go far enough.  You and I have discussed the fact that there may be trolls in any or all UFO and alien organizations and we certainly can't trust the government, so I think the real question is who do you go to with the information?  The article garnered a couple of good responses, but it all becomes moot if handled inappropriately.  Do you have unshakable faith in anyone or any institution to handle something like this?  Is it possible that the right answer really is to conceal it and or acclimate society at a pace to be determined?

There are idiots out there who really go nuts, but that rationale opens the biggest can of worms imaginable.  For example, you would have to expect terrible violence after every presidential election because over 60 million people will lose. Therefore, it only takes a 1/60,000,000% of the population to be deadly. Further, at the moment there is statistically a probability of


percent of the world's population today that the next Hitler, Einstein, etc, etc. is developing.   Opportunity, choice, and other factors play their part in reducing it even further, but the law of averages and statistical analysis eventually produce virtually any situation. God has often allowed history to repeat itself, so we know what good and evil man is capable of by empirical evidence.

Bet that tangent didn't make any sense, but my point is that the absence of planning, proper instructions, and appropriate precautions for such an event has an indeterminable number of potential outcomes.  In my personal opinion, if an alien civilization was indisputably discovered and presented, the vast majority of the population is fully capable of acquiescing, accepting, and integrating such news.   One of the greater concerns I read repeatedly is that the world isn't capable of handling this stuff but I think you would be looking at a very, very small percentage not unlike the examples above.  In every event, every environment, every scenario there is potential for something to go wrong.

Shouldn't authoritative figures controlling this type of information be just as concerned about the portion of the world census who may become unhinged at being lied to or  having truth hidden?

This means those who have resources also have a responsibility to educate the masses on what to do to mitigate the negativity associated with it.  You are the one I would go to in a heartbeat, but what would you do if I called one day and said I had irrefutable and undeniable proof of aliens?  Would you take time to exercise extreme caution, would you rush it out to someone immediately, would it be a phone call, a press conference (if you could get anyone to attend), would our families wind up living in the Australian Outback hiding from the authorities, or what?

[Name withheld by SW/LITS]


Thoughts to ponder.  I discussed with him what I would do and will address that at a later date.  Right now I'd like to know your thoughts on this subject.  Thanks!


Saturday, May 18, 2013

The "HUM" Heard in McAllen, Texas

I received another email today, this one from a student in McAllen, Texas, who has been affected by the Hum.  What is this sound that is bothering people in so many locations? 

If you have heard "the Hum", please report it. Thanks! - Sunny


"Hi I read your article on the "Hum" and just wanted to say that I live in Mcallen, TX and I can hear it here too. I've lived in two separate locations within the last year here in the same town and I have heard it at both. I'm a student so I study late at night usually from midnight to sometimes 5am. I notice the sound also usually around really hurts my ears and gives me a bad headache. I've woken up my boyfriend to listen for it but he never hears it. I figured maybe I was just able to pick up a different frequency....but it's strange that it only happens within that time frame. I had to start listening to music to drown out the sound because it was really unbearable for me.

I'm just glad I'm not the only person out there that hears it."


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Friday, May 17, 2013

The "Hum" In Central Texas - Cedar Park and Round Rock

Another report of the strange and annoying "hum" has come in, this time from Cedar Park, Texas.

We live in Cedar Park, which is not far from Round Rock, TX. I have been hearing a low rumbling, noise that sounds very much like the noises that are being heard in Round Rock, TX. I have asked my Mother many times, if she hears it, and she sometimes does and sometimes doesn't. It is always late at night between 11:00-2:00 when I hear it. I cannot pinpoint the exact area it is coming from because it seems to emanate from below the ground or in the sky. It is loud, constant and luckily I don't hear it in my bedroom, which is on the North side of the house (I hear the noises only outside on the South side of the house). I sure would like to know what is making these noises, if you find out please let us know.

As I stated in my previous report [Strange Sounds and Vibrations In Round Rock], these sounds seem to be heard by only a select few, apparently by people who are sensitive to low frequency sound waves.  

Sounds can travel through gases (air), liquids (oceans), and solids (Earth).  To learn more, read How Sound Travels,

Could these sounds and vibrations be due to mere highway noise?   The cause of this phenomena is yet unknown.  Let's work together and find out!  -Sunny


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Strange Sounds and Vibrations In Round Rock

In the past I have received a number of emails, concerning an annoying 'sound' in the Round Rock, Texas area.   It seems only a select few hear this sound and some actually feel accompanying "vibrations."

I received an email yesterday, from one long suffering witness who wrote:  "I've been hearing a vibration late at night, usually starting between 11pm-12am.   It sounds like a cross between the alien sound in the movie "Contact" and a truck running its engine, yet not as rhythmic.   It annoys me so much it's hard to sleep, yet my husband doesn't hear it at all."

She admits that she recently had a fluid buildup in her ear but now that it's cleared up, she hears the sound... again.

So what is this annoying sound?   Some people liken it to the Taos Hum.   Others simple say it sounds and "feels like" a like a distant semi running at idle. 

Is this night time cacophony merely acoustic reflectivity from a distant city, or main highway?   Or perhaps it's some type of military testing, or even traffic reverberating through a deep underground tunnel? 

Whatever it is, it's driving people batty and causing a lot of sleepless hours.

If you live in the Round Rock, Texas area and are bothered by an unidentifiable nocturnal thrumming that seems to come from everywhere, yet nowhere, please contact me.

-Sunny Williams, LITS


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sightings in Sugar Land and Austin, Texas - May 8-9, 2013

MUFON Case # 47330

MUFON Case # 47330
Cropped and enlarged.

Here are two reports submitted to MUFON, one from Sugar Land (May 9, 2013), and one from a witness in Austin, Texas, May 8, 2013.
These reports are unedited and are posted here, as is.


MUFON Case # 47348    
Sugar Land, Texas
Summary: picture taken during severe storm

Took photo of severe storm. Nothing was visible to the eye. Didnt notice "lights" until later when looking at pic.

[Editor's Note: Can't tell for sure if these lights are caused from a light flare, a reflection, or if the lights are actually objects captured by the infrared capabilities of the camera.  -Sunny]


MUFON Case # 47330    
Austin, Texas
Summary: 2 Orange/Amber objects descended from the NE, hovered at around 250 ft. then ascended gently going west  

Leaving the Whataburger at 11:15pm...prior to getting on Cameron Road I noticed a whirring sound and a few seconds later I noticed 2 light-objects moving from the NE toward my location and coming from hi to low elevation.

There were 2 objects moving in a lose and changing formation in relation to eachother...they were descending toward my direction (I stopped the car immediately and got out to observe because of how strange they looked and moved...there was a very subtle wobble or side-to-side motion as they moved along.

They stopped at an altitude between 200-300 feet, judging from the power-line height...they were very low and the whirring sound was very subtle and didnt last long.

They would be pretty easy to miss because they did not give off light rays...they had a clear edge to them but still having an inherent orange illumination.

As they moved westward above Hwy 290 I got back into the car and tried to follow. Somehow, without appearing to speed up they gained altitude and distance quickly...out of site by the time I reached the access road of Hwy 290 from Cameron Road. I moved onto 183North hoping to catch another siting of them but that wasnt successful.

My girlfriend was in the car with me. She heard and saw the whole thing...we have a photo from her phone camera that we will upload soon for the report file. It clearly shows the 2 orb-like objects.


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Photograph Of 'Something' At The San Antonio International Airport... What is it?


I received these photos and report from a man who on May 2, 2013 at 6:30 AM, drove past the San Antonio, Texas Airport and took photos of the morning sky. 
I've tried to determine if the object in the photos could possibly be a reflection... but of what?  There are no structures of this sort in the area, nor lights to match.

Please note: The photos presented here have been cropped from the originals.

Here is that report, unedited:

Location: San Antonio, Texas
Date: May 2, 2013
Time: approx. 6:30 AM

This was all by accident I got these pictures. I was trying to get the picture for the view and bam there it was. I was driving while taking this, so I wasn't paying much attention. I can't explain it. Help?

Those pictures were over san antonio airport, sorry forgot to mention that. I know I couldn't have been the only one it was about 630am give or take.

No other structures of any nature. I to was thinking maybe a reflection as well. But if you look at the picture with lights on it, it seems to be almost the same distance from the tower...I just can't see that being a reflection. Weird is all I can say.
[Name withheld by SW/LITS]


Note: If this is a real object over the Sam Antonio International Airport, then someone had to have seen it.  If you did, please report it. 

If you have suggestions as to what it could be, please leave a comment but as always, please be civil.   Thank you. -SW


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Amber Golden Lights In The Skies Over Eagle Pass, Carrizo Springs and Brundage, Texas

Eagle Pass, Carrizo Springs and Brundage, Texas
Courtesy Google Maps


Just received, are reports from Eagle Pass and Carrizo Springs, Texas, concerning amber and golden lights in the sky. 

Here are those reports, unedited.

Received through a comment to a post (Triangular or Polyhedron-shaped Object Over Corpus Christi), on this site:

Husband and Wife - UFO Sighting April 30, 2013
Eagle Pass, Texas -Pioneer Road (Aurora Meadows)

I left to pick up my hubby from work at 9:20 pm waited a while, he was supposed to be out by 10. We switched seats and on the way home on pioneer road he says babe whats that in the sky? I started searching, even though I thought he was joking... there was a mix of urgency and excitment in his voice. It wasnt till we were about to turn into Aurora Meadows that he slowed down and pointed out the lights that I saw what he was talking about but by that time I only saw two orange lights that flickered off and on. They were horizontal then vertical then only one was left then there was nothing. Chris got to see a cluster of 5 or 6.

Also received this report from another witness:

Brundage, Texas
April 30, 2013
9:00 PM

Just saw 4 to 8 bright gold lights over Brundage, Texas north of Carrizo Springs.

I saw them around 9pm I believe they where going north towards San Antonio. Back in my hometown Eagle Pass, TX 46 miles from the sighting a friend of mine also claimed to have seen the lights.
What I find weird is that the lights flew over Dimmit County Airport. Being in AFJROTC and joining the Airforce in a couple of months, I was able discard the possibility of the lights not being an American or in this fact " human " aircraft.


Just received a new report:

Eagle Pass, Texas
April 30, 2013
10:04 PM

In Eagle Pass, Texas, at approximately 10:04 pm, on April 30, 2013, I was looking to the east and all of a sudden, I happened to see 20-30, beautiful orange lights appear in the sky. It seemed they were coming toward me,but then they stopped "advancing," as they reached a certain size, which is difficult to determine, but in my estimation, they looked rather large. At this point, they went out suddenly. The lights covered a space of apprx 75 ft or more from where I was standing, which was about a 1/4 of a mile from the Rio Grande River in Eagle Pass, Texas. A few seconds later, I saw six lights reappear, three on each side. They went out and a few seconds later, two more lights appeared they went out, too. I stayed in the area so I could see if the lights would reappear. And appx. at 10:30 pm. to the right and lower toward the horizon of where I was standing, , the orange lights reappear, this time in a large, half diamond form. The bottom part of the form was longer on the right, with one single light to the left side of the tip of the diamond shape in the sky. These lights went out as well, and I did not see the lights reappear.


Investigator's Note:
What were these lights?   Is it possible that these were flares expelled from military jets in a MOA (Military Operations Area), or were they something else?

If you witnessed these lights, please send in your report.  Thank you. - Sunny



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